* Incremental ID - Non-editable field that would display to the user, and be usable in filters, an auto-generated identification for the record. Perhaps make it configurable to the admin at the time of table setup (let them choose the format and starting ID for the field, prior to records being created)
* Timestamp - Non-editable field that would display to the user, and be useable in filters, when the record was created. Perhaps distinguish between "Create" and "Update" timestamp, and offer them both if desired.
* Priority/Severity - Perhaps give admin configurability for scale (e.g. 1-5 or 0-10) and presentation to end-users (e.g. stars, dots, sliding scale). Could be done w/ an ENUM field on the back-end
* Boolean upgrade - Give admin ability to configure a new boolean field to present to the user as: Yes/No, Done/Incomplete, or a simple Checkbox
* Data validation for Single Line Text fields - To give admins the ability to set up specific data types, such as Email, Phone number, Postal code, & other alphanumeric checks
* File Multiple - Ability to store multiple files in a single field. Would we let admins enforce a file type (e.g. only PDFs)? Would we enforce size limits or a limit to the number of files?
Advanced Types
* Formulas
* Aggregation